Réaffirmer le rôle essentiel des institutions muséales et des centres de sciences dans la vie publique

17 février 2017, début de la campagne #DayofFacts sur Twitter et les autres médias sociaux.


Hi everyone!

We’re amazed by how much interest there’s been in having a campaign for facts from trusted organizations. Thank you for signing up as interested or as a confirmed participant. As of right now, we have just over 200 organizations expressing interest in this campaign! A few updates:

Date: We’re going to carry out the campaign on Friday, February 17.

Hashtag: #DayofFacts.
Though the idea came from museum professionals, we want as many organizations to feel comfortable participating as possible. This includes science centers, zoological and national parks, arts organizations, and other trusted institutions that are committed to education, truth, and facts.

Please use #DayofFacts but feel free to add any hashtags that are relevant to your subject area, like #MuseumsForFacts, #ArtMatters or #ScienceMatters. We recommend NOT using #MuseumFacts since it appears that tag is already used extensively for general museum information.

Updates: Find more information online at dayoffacts.org and follow the Twitter account @dayoffacts. Please feel free to email us here or through the website with any questions or concerns. We’ll be sending another update/reminder shortly before the campaign.

Content: As you start to think about what content to share, keep in mind that we are trying to make a statement without being overtly political. The purpose of this campaign is NOT to just share facts but rather to share the kind of facts and topics that are relevant to our current public discourse. We have a list of suggested topics on our website at dayoffacts.org/content-guidelines, which includes subjects like immigration, women’s rights, refugee issues, climate change, and the importance of the arts and public education. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to share, reach out! We can help.

Share! Please share this campaign with your friends and co-workers.
Encourage other institutions to participate, and please see our webpage for our advice for institutions that may be nervous about participating. The idea that museums would be anxious about calling facts facts is disheartening to say the least, but now it’s more important than ever to convey to the public that museums and cultural and scientific organizations are stewards of truth and knowledge. We encourage people to participate from their personal accounts as well.

Thank you for your enthusiasm & commitment to our field,
Alli & Mara